Our Story

Within Ms Collins, right behind huge heritage windows facing Ms Collins is a magical little room called The Whisky Boutique. The Whisky Boutique has organically grown in popularity and pre Covid-19 was hosting local and international visitor's sampling various Whiskies from locally produced and from abroad.

Whisky isn't just another product on the bar to us, whisky is a story telling product to us. Everything from what is on the label to what is inside the bottle speaks volumes for what the customer is spending their money on and we wanted to be involved in that in every way. We have long held a special place in our hearts for whisky, long before we decided to open our own speciality whisky bar we had always stocked more whiskies than what we should have. We coveted them, we hoarded them, we chased them down to wherever we could find them. Duty free, business trips, long lost country bottle shops everything was fair game in the search of that elusive bottle.

Just because the bottle is 40 years old doesn't mean it tastes good. Just because the bottle is very expensive doesn't mean it is amazing. If the bottle is cheap it doesn't mean its no good. But how could we tell the customer this?

We became so obsessive the venue manager from Ms Collins did a pilgrimage to Scotland, for a whole month he was out of contact toiling away. He was shoulders deep in barrels, 6 rows deep in warehouses looking for the ultimate single malt. Returning from Scotland looking a little worse for wear with a suitcase full of bottles and an idea for a whisky bar.

A whisky bar that was approachable for the every day person, a bar that wasn't pretentious or overbearing. And so The Whisky Boutique was born. A bar that could be educational and relaxing all at the same time. An oasis of whisky in a location it would not have been expected.